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Everyone has likely seen articles posted by those in the service industry admonishing poor tipping and rude behavior. And because bars and restaurants are places we’ve visited our whole lives (well, maybe not bars), we have our moms to thank for the manners and common sense we use. But what about strip clubs… a place where fantasy and reality draw a fine line? In most cases we can’t rely on mom for advice (unless your mom’s stage name is Shasta and she’s up on Boardwalk next). Thanks to the many Atlanta strip clubs, we have compiled this “Things to Know List” for your first (or next) strip club outing.

DRESS CODE: This varies from club to club. If you’re going to Follies, no plain white tee shirts. Most upscale clubs do not allow sports wear, as collared shirts are preferred. More of the smaller clubs accept “come as you are” patrons with no problem. But in reality, it doesn’t matter much to the dancers. You can come in dressed like a slouch, but if you have a pocket full of cash, these ladies will sniff it out and leave you just as broke as the guy in the business suit. To them it’s all the same.

NO GUNS OR WEAPONS OF ANY KIND: Always be prepared to walk through metal detectors or be wanded and patted down as this is common for most Atlanta strip clubs.

NO DRUGS: This is not only limited to illegal drugs, but also eyedrops and male stimulants.

NO DISTRACTING DEVICES: Laser pointers or flashlights and no cameras. Keep your phone in your pocket for the likely event it will get lost or stolen.

DOOR CHARGES: Most clubs have a free or low dayshift entry. Nightshift door charges can range from $10-$20, and expect a much higher charge on fight nights and other special events.

PARKING: Be prepared to pay a parking fee, whether you park your car yourself or valet.

MONEY: Be aware that there are quite a few clubs that do not accept debit or credit cards. All clubs do have ATM machines but be prepared to pay a hefty fee. It’s smarter to run into the Quik Trip up the road and use theirs. Also, most clubs charge a fee for “in house bucks” ie. Sports Bucks & Cheetah Bucks. These clubs charge the patron 15%-20% per transaction and ALSO charge the dancers 10% to cash them in. Point being, bring cash!

TABLE DANCES: This should be pretty obvious but it needs to be said… the less you touch her, the better the dance. Making a dancer feel comfortable in her space will allow her to feel free to get up-close and personal without the fear of being groped and grabbed. All you are required to do is sit back, relax, and enjoy the show.
And last but not least… Propina, Propina, Propina! (Sorry, that was a flashback from Follies dayshift) I meant to say, TIP, TIP, TIP!

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