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Oasis Good Time Emporium has proved they aren’t going down without a fight. The famous DeKalb County club was in court yesterday pleading their case that they are a distinguished venue that displays the female body as art. Do not call them <gasp> a strip club, for they are one of the finest burlesque shows around!

The women of the Oasis strip in the name of ART, not for the enjoyment of lust driven men. And what is art, really? If a college student can strip down nude and paint a mural from her own menstruation and call it art, why can’t the same be said for these women who strip down while dancing with oversized feathers? Who has the right to decide what is art? Well, that would appear to be the GA Supreme Court.

Oasis is fighting the Doraville ordinance that prohibits nude dancing and alcohol sales. It was first upheld in the Supreme Court back in 2015. Shortly after that time the cops were tipped off that Oasis was ignoring that ruling so they did some undercover work and found <gasp, once again> women dancing nude while alcohol was being served. A suit filed by the city in March of 2016 has led to an injunction prohibiting Oasis to continue in that manner.

Banking on the loophole of ‘falling into the category of a serious art venue’, Oasis plans to comply with the ordinance while displaying their nudity as works of art and selling alcohol to those who enjoy it.

Oasis now has two daily burlesque shows and they are said to be investing thousands of dollars into costumes, stage sets, props, training and rehearsals. So the next time the little lady complains you never take her anywhere with culture, swing her by the Oasis and enjoy some Art at its finest.


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