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The calendar may say December but it’s Sommers at the Pony. Join adult film star Angela Sommers for an exclusive engagement this Friday, Saturday, and Sunday at the Atlanta strip club, Pink Pony.
Some of Sommers many accomplishments include Penthouse Pet of the Month May 2012, Playboy Cyber Girl of the week of the week August 1, 2012, and Twisty’s Treat of the Month : August 2011.
The California native became a porn fan favorite from her debut in Wild Goose Chase (1991). But due to the unpredicability of the business, Sommers retired from porn and focused on her dance tour in strip clubs. While Sommers travels all over the country, she’s always sure to stop into Atlanta strip clubs and give a stellar show.

Be sure to check Angela Sommers out tomorrow night at the Atlanta strip club, Pink Pony!

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