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Clermont Lounge is a one of a kind Atlanta strip club. It is also Atlanta's oldest strip club having opened in 1965. It is a local landmark where you may see celebrities partying into the early hours.

Clermont Lounge Atlanta Strip Club


  • Hours of operation: Mon-Sat 1pm-3am | Closed Sundays
  • Cover Price: $3 Friday's | $10 Saturdays
  • Payment info: Cash Only
  • The Ladies: 10 Entertainers
  • Skin factor: Nude
  • Dances: $20
  • Music: Pop | Dance | Rock | R & B | Country
  • Alcohol: Full Bar
  • Food: No Food
  • Atmosphere: Something for Everyone | Not Your Usual Adult Entertainment Establishment
  • Parking: Must Park Behind Hotel
  • Special Events: Tuesday Night Karaoke | Saturday Night DJ


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